Bike itineraries ideal (not only) for E-Bikes

1) Arround Rokytnice nad Jizerou 

Lovely round trip which will lead you through both sides of Rokytnice-valley, so called "winter side and summer side". This tour uncovers the beautyof Rokytnice and will lead you along some amazing view points from which you can enjoy the panorama view of the mountains. Along the way you can visit waterfall, rock tover view point "Stráž" and a magical place at the Chappel.

2) What´s hidden behind the hills..?

This itinerary extends the basic round trip arround Rokytnice for several other villages which are hidden in neighboring valleys. Visit an creative museum-gallery "Starý Kravín" in Františkov village or traditional museum in lovely village Paseky nad Jizerou - get your self to travel back in time to see what was the life like in the mountains back in the days when first settlements were build here.

3) Along Jizera river to Harrachov and local glas factory

A relaxed trip to neighboring Harrachov, which will lead you along a wild river Jizera to traditional glas factory, which is part of the traditional local crafts. As a bonus you can visit "Mumlavský vodopád" - beatifull local waterfall. From Harrachov it is just over the hill to Rokytnice and for those, who don´t feel like going uphill after lunch, there is a possibility to take a chairlift up to Čertova Hora. From there you will reach Rokytnice in a while..

4) From Giant Mountains to Jizera Mountains (via Poland)

It seems to be a trip beyond human possibility, but it is reallypossible - on the way you can observe beautiful countryside and will arrive in neighboring Jizera Mountains and its picturesque mountain village "Jizerka". From here, you can return via Poland and continue finishing a great circuit via "Vosecká Hut" and back to Rokytnice. There is also a possibility to use the chair lift in Harrachov to avoid the last uphill section to Rokytnice.

5) Altitude stage to the springs of Elbe river

Innocent creek on mountaintops, but powerful element just a few kilometers further - this is the Elbe River, the largest river in the country. This is a unique opportunity to ride on top of mountain ridges. The profile of this trip seems difficult, but  your reward will be a view of the whole Giant Mountains and its highest mountain. Along the way you can stop at several mountain huts, recall the story of two mountaineers Hanče and Vrbata at their monument, and finally enjoy a great downhill back to the valley of Rokytnice.

6) Uphill? Only by chairlift!!

That´s also a way how to deal with the hills - right from our rental you can take your bike on the chairlift and reach the top station. From there to the mountain crossroad "Ručičky". Here you can choose out of several possibilities - to Harrachov it is all downhill!! And back to Rokytnice? You´ll take another chairlif from Harrachov..

7) Hut to hut mountain crossing

If you enjoy mountain adventures and don´t mind to sleep different place every night, this could be a great choice for you! Mountain Base is the right place to start - we´ll help you to get organized and offcourse our tour guide can accompany you during your trip, if you need to. More info on request - please contact us.